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Helping both underprivileged kids and challenged athletes from the Special Olympics, Sports for Exceptional Athletes and other similar organizations enjoy sun and surf!

Day at the Beach is two annual non-profit events:

The main, original event started in 1986 is a full day of surf instruction, complete with morning breakfast and huge picnic lunch for all.  This event benefits children of homeless families residing at the St. Vincent De Paul shelter in downtown San Diego. Over 60 kids from this shelter attend each year.

Beginning in 2001 a second “Day at the Beach” event was started to benefit people of all ages afflicted with Down Syndrome, Autism and other challenges. We have come to call this “Special Surfers – Day at the Beach”.

Mark your calendar for 2015 upcoming events:

  • July 11th –15th Annual Special Surfers Day at the Beach
  • August 8th – 29th Annual Kids Day at the Beach








One thought on “About Us”

  1. Thanks again for a marvelous time yesterday at La Jolla.
    We truly enjoy each and every year. You are all Wonderful !!!

    Thank you to everyone that makes this possible .

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Showing children and challenged athletes the joys of surfing!